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Face Surgery


Nowadays more types of facelift exist that allow the improvement of the face and neck appearance due to ageing, be it on a local or larger area.

The cervico-facial lift is the most frequent one. It involves the surgical correction of the ageing process at the neck and face level, from the temples region to the edge of the mandible. This surgery is being done for an aesthetic reason; therefore, it cannot be covered by the health insurances.-The cervico-facial lifting can be done from the moment the ageing signs appear, generally starting from 40-45 years old.

The muscles are re-placed under tension, in such a way to correct the relaxation. Afterwards the skin is readapted to the new shapes of the face (not stretched excessively). This double action leads to a natural look result (because the skin is not excessively stretched), lasting (the muscular level is solid) and very simple post surgery treatment.

The possible excessive fat can be treated with liposuction, or in case of an empty, skinny face, autologous fat can be injected during the surgery.

This surgery can be associated with other surgeries of the face: eyelid aesthetic surgery (blepharoplasty), ageing and forehead wrinkling correction (frontal lifting) or other medico-surgical therapeutic gestures (laser abrasion, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, filling injection or wrinkles correction treatment)

facial lufting illustartion

Cutaneous incisions are in their majority hidden by the hair on the head and around the ears. The scars being barely visible.


Blepharoplasty surgery refers to the eyelid interventions, and involves the eliminations of the physical and appearances discomforts, be it natural of due to the ageing process. The surgery can be done for the upper eyelids or for the all four ones. A blepharoplasty can be also associated with other face surgeries such as frontal lift, cervico-facial lift, laser treatment, chemical peeling, wrinkless correction etc.) These can be done either in the same cosmetic surgery or in a separate one. A blepharoplasty corrects the ageing signs at the eyelids level, and replaces the “tired” appearance with a more rested and relaxed one. The surgery is performed on women and men as well, generally after the age of 40. Sometimes the surgery is done earlier when the causes are not age related, for example in the “fat bags” case of the lower eyelid.


Doctor Porumb has done one year training under the guidance of the renowned Professor Laurent Lantieri, the first surgeon that has done a complete face transplant, playing a very important role in the field.