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Liposuction allows the definitive removal of the excessive fat deposits.

Some of the fat deposits do not disappear even after diet or exercises. Liposuction does not constitute a weight loosing method, its purpose not being to stabilize the weight of the patient. Liposuction does not substitute a healthy life style. Liposuction is not the treatment for obesity. 

Liposuction was introduced in 1977 by Doctor Yves-Gerard Illouz and it consists of introduction through very small incisions round end tubes. These tubes are connected to a close circuit creating a negative pressure. In this way an harmonious and non-traumatic aspiration of the fat excess cells can be made. Because the fat cells do not have the multiplication feature, there is no relapse danger. Liposuction can be applied to various parts of the body: hips, abdomen, thighs, calves, ankles and arms. The technical advancements have permitted the application of this technique also for the face and neck. The most recent progresses, especially in the superficial liposuction using very small tubes, make the skin above the treated area suffer no damage, and more it can even improve it because of the cutaneous reaction generated after a superficial liposuction.

Even if the liposuction has become very common in the last years, it has to be still considerd a full surgery act and must be realized by a plastic surgeon, qualified and trained in this technique, in a medical context.

liposuction illustration


The defects that affect the abdominal part are very hard to bear. The development of the liposuction has allowed the transformation of this type of surgery and reducing the effects and scars of the intervention. In the case of the abdominal wall there is more than a single type of surgery that can be applied to all the cases. The analysis of the existing injuries is required along with considering other parameters as well: the skin situation, the fat tissue, the tonicity of the abdominal wall, the general morphology of each of the patients. After analyzing all these, a customized decision is taken to suit the patient needs.

There are two possibilities in the case of the abdominal surgery request: an isolated abdominal liposuction or an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). The purpose of this intervention is to remove the damaged skin (stretch marks, scars) and to re-stretch the healthy skin. In the same time the treatment of an extra fat tissue or the treatment of the abdominal muscles can be associated (hernia for example). The liposuction surgery involves the removal of a skin strip from a region situated between the belly button and the pubis accordingly to the adapted lesion drawing. The healthy skin situated above the belly button will be stretched downwards to reconstruct the abdominal wall. The belly button is placed in a normal position, through an incision of the stretched skin. This kind of surgery always leaves a more or less long and visible scar, depending on the importance and the area of the removed damaged skin. This scar is situated at the top of the pubic hair and goes up to the inguinal folds. The patient will previously be informed about the length of the scar.

abdominoplasty illustrationTummy Tuck illustration