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Breast Reduction (Mastopexy)

Breast Hypertrophy is defined by an excessive volume of the breasts, in comparison with the morphology of the patient.

This excessive volume is most of the time associated with the breast falling (mammary ptosis) and asymmetry.

Breast hypertrophy causes most of the times great physical and physiological discomfort (neck pain, back and shoulders pain, discomfort during sport activities and dressing burden)

Breast ptosis is defined by the falling of the gland and a distension of the surrounding skin. The breast is placed into a much too low position, leaving “empty” the upper part. The ptosis can be natural or can occur after an important weight lose or because of a birth with breastfeeding. The ptosis can be isolated or associated with a certain degree of mammary hypertrophy. In addition, it can be also be observed with a breast having too little volume (mammary hypoplasia or hypotrophy).

The surgical intervention has the main goal the repositioning of the areola and the nipple in the correct position, the re-concentration and lift the gland and to remove the extra skin to obtain two harmonious breasts, lifted and having a beautiful shape.

breast reduction scar types

The different techniques for breast uplift (mastopexy) with or without breast augmentation or in the breast reduction surgeries. 

For a better evaluation and analysis of the breast surgery, Doctor Porumb has gained even more qualifications through a University Master in Oncological and Reconstructive Breast Surgery named “Surgical techniques in Breast, Reconstructive and Cancer Surgery” at the renowned Oncological Institute” Gustave Roussy” at the Paris Medical University, France.

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Read under the “Testimonials” section the appreciations that Doctor Porumb has received from world-renowned surgeons, and the opinion of the patients that had this surgery, and did not have any post surgery pain.

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