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We are a small, exclusivist clinic, dedicated entirely and exclusively to top cosmetic plastic surgery. All the patients are operated exclusively by Dr. Serban Porumb, from the beginning till the end of the surgery.

In order to obtain Excellency and Performance in this very delicate and difficult field, number of the surgeries done per day is up- limited to 2, so we can focus for each individual result, with no pressure related to time and in order to get exceptionally results. Please check at "Testimonials" section, opinions of world reknown surgeons from abroad, related to our results. 

Estetis Clinic is a private plastic and esthetics surgery clinic, where quality and professionalism of the medical act and the safety of the patients are always on the first place.

Therefore, the clinic meets all the European Union required standards and also the ones specified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, being equipped with state-of-art equipment and security and monitoring systems.

The clinic’s equipment varies from surgery lasers, to modern endoscopic devices, electronic scalpels and radiofrequency, allowing the usage of the latest techniques, with minimal incisions lines, optimal and very fast, painless recovery.

The comfort is very important for us and for our patients that is why the clinic is equipped with air conditioning, sterilization and air refreshing equipments, private saloons and bathrooms, internet, cable TV, and everything else which is needed to ensure a very comfortable stay.

Confidentiality is very important for our patients, that is why all the staff that you will be in contact with is very discrete, having a confidentiality contractual agreement.

at clinic with dr claoue france

Professor Emmanuel Claoue (Paris, France) at the opening of Estetis Clinic)

Very close to the location of the clinic, the Baile Felix Spa is to be found, the most renowned spa resort in Romania, with thermal water and many treatments opportunities, being an option for relaxation and rest for ones that come from abroad or from the other cities in Romania.

recovery SPA station

Baile Felix SPA