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Rhinoplasty (nose job)

About rhinoplasty

The Rhinoplasty term defines the aesthetic and plastic surgery of the nose

The surgery modifies the morphology of the nose (partially or all of it) and sometimes corrects respiratory problems as well.

A Rhinoplasty can be done alone or in a combination with other corrections of the face such as a genioplasty (the modification of the chin, most of the times realized in the same surgery to improve the overall appearance of the profile)

The main purpose of the surgery is the remodeling of the nose, for a more aesthetic look.

The present defects, from birth, following an injury or due to the aging process, are being corrected.

The purpose is obtaining a nose with a very natural look, and which harmonizes with the other features of the face, to suit the personality of the patients and to meet their wishes. 

The goal is to modify the bone and the cartilage, which constitute the solid structure of the nose, and which gives it the particular form, through dissimulated incisions at the nostrils level. The skin that covers the nose must be adapted and must re-cover the modified bone-cartilage part due to its elasticity. The quality of the skin is very important for top results. A rhinoplasty does not leave visible scars at the skin level.

In the case of a nasal obstruction, which impairs the respiration, the correction will be done in the same surgery, be it a septum deviation or a hypertrophy of the turbinates (bone formation present in the nasal passages.

The surgery, done for women and men as well, can be done starting with 16 years old, at the end of the body growing stage.

Endoscopic view of nose rhinoplasty Endoscopic view of nose

(Photo: Endoscopic view of nose)



Dr Porumb is mastering with same dexterity both closed and open rhinoplasty, primary or secondary, and after visiting many colleagues in Beverly Hills area, we can say we are second to none. Just check our work in Photo Gallery for nose job results (rhinoplasty) and for breast surgery results.

Dr. Rollin K. Daniel,one of  top 3 rhinoplasty surgeon in the world

Dr. Porumb Serban,M.D. visiting Prof. Dr. Rollin K. Daniel,M.D. one of top 3 rhinoplasty surgeon in the world, Los Angeles, USA.


Dr. Serban Porumb si dr Raj Kanodia

Dr. Porumb Serban visiting Dr. Raj Kanodia, surgeon of the VIP in Beverly Hills area (Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, etc), specialist in closed rhinoplasty technique.


Dr. Serban Porumb si dr Jay Calvert

Dr. Porumb Serban visiting Dr. Jay Calvert, famous surgeon of the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles area.


dr Ghavami si Dr. Porumb

Dr Porumb Serban visiting Dr Ashkan Ghavami, famous surgeon of the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles area.