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Hair Transplants

Baldness is very hard to bear for men and women as well. The introduction of the micrografts has transformed this type of surgery, reducing the magnitude of the intervention and of the scars.

Nevertheless regarding the baldness area there is no single technique that can be applied in all the cases.

The treatment for this condition consists of hair collection from the side areas of the head (where hair will never stop growing) and reposition it in the frontal and central area.

Four major types of techniques can be used:

  • micrografts
  • hair flaps
  • direct reduction
  • head skin lifting

All these techniques can be combined at the same patient. A very good analysis is required for each particular case considering more parameters: the importance of the baldness, the flexibility of the head skin, the quality of the hair, the patient wishes. According to the age of the patient and the evolution of the baldness we can decide on the best solution for each case.

Your surgeon has to have enough experience regarding these techniques and advise you towards the best one.

Micrografts Micrografts hair trannsplant


Flaps hair trannsplant


Direct Reduction

Direct Reduction

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